Innovative Teaching: Experts + Technology = Powerful Learning

California has moved from drought to deluge very quickly. Our town of Manteca was bracing for flooding, with some homes being evacuated. For my fifth graders, it was scary and confusing: how can we flood … Continue Reading →

Teacher Geek is Chic: Uncommon Creativity at CTA North 2017!

Here are my resources for Teacher Geek is Chic: Uncommon Creativity – my second session at the California Teachers Association Good Teaching Conference North 2017! If you have any questions … Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning with Microsoft: Individualized Learning

“Does anyone know where Emily is?” The young ladies at Table One quickly informed me they had Skyped with her that morning before school. The absent Emily was in 60 … Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning with Microsoft: Assessing the Lesson!

The best crafted lesson plans, to paraphrase Robert Burns, often go awry, unless we assess as we teach. In my Teachers College Tech 290 class, I had a feeling my class … Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning with Microsoft: Introducing the Lesson!

Why do the best ideas seem to come to us right before school starts in the morning? While putting the finishing touches on my hair for the day, I suddenly … Continue Reading →

Hacking the Classroom Can Transform Learning!

Standardized testing was just around the corner, and my students were starting to worry. Beyond the usual nerves all students get when it’s time for a test, my students were … Continue Reading →

How to Introduce Coding by Making a PB&J Sandwich

Coding is as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or IS it? I remember going to The Tech in San Jose (CA) many years ago and walking … Continue Reading →

One Organized Teacher with OneNote!

Click on the LINK to read the entire article featured on the Microsoft in Education Blog!

What Does Your Classroom Say?

With the first day of school looming ever closer, I’ve been thinking about that kidney-shaped table in the back of my room. Designed to accommodate one teacher in the main … Continue Reading →

Thanks for Swaying with Me at #BLC15!

What a pleasure to meet so many focused and enthusiastic educators at the 2015 Building Learning Communities Conference! Keep up that positive uncertainty: embrace and seek optimism in not knowing what … Continue Reading →