Conference Resources for Teacher Geek is Chic 2017 Sessions

Teacher Geek is Chic!

Resources from current Teacher Geek is Chic conference appearances!

Here is my ETC! 2017 Uncommon Creativity presentation in PDF Format: Uncommon Creativity TGIC ETC!

Here is the Order of Operations worksheet: PEMDAS problems for lost dog

Here is the Lost Dog flyer: Lost Dog poster



Here is my CTA 2017 presentation on Uncommon Creativity in PDF Format:  Uncommon Creativity TGIC PDF

Here is my CTA Bonus Session: Liberating Genius presentation in PDF Format: LiberatingGeniusInAction2017PDF


Click HERE to check out my other resources on the Tammy Dunbar page!














Link to Resume of Presentations, Conferences, Awards, etc.

Link to Resources Link from CapCUE Presentation 2013

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