Live from New York: Dunbar Learns What’s Next from #MicrosoftEDU

I can’t believe I have been invited to be in New York City for the big, super-secret #MicrosoftEDU Learn What’s Next Event!

But no one will find out What’s Next until the much-anticipated event goes live at 9:30 a.m. EST/6:30 a.m. PST tomorrow, May 2, 2017. (To watch the livestream, go to this link Tuesday morning!)

What I do know is I am here with an amazing group of educators to share the excitement!

As we have made our way from our schools across the world, some of us are already collaborating on lesson plans for an upcoming unit; some of us are talking about how to increase diversity in educational technology; some of us are even prepping equipment for podcasting or going live on Facebook or Twitter (which will be a first for me, so follow me on Twitter @TammyDunbar or on Facebook to see how well I do – and check out the two live posts so far from today, Monday, May 1st).

The connections I have made in the last three years through being a Microsoft Innovative Educator, Certified Educator, Master Trainer and Regional Lead have allowed me to gain new insights and ideas that have helped me create, craft and critique meaningful experiences for my students. Without those connections, my students wouldn’t have: learned about world water challenges – as well as our own – through the Wai Water Project; doubled our holiday canned food donations because of our World Wonder Day Skype discussions; discovered and liberated their genius through Genius Hour; explored the invisible walls of gender inequality and the very visible walls built to separate through our new global “Human Differences: What Keeps Us Apart?” Project that I am working on with Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Koen Timmers from Belgium. The Microsoft Educator Network is the best Professional Learning Network I have ever been a part of, and what makes it the best is that we are all focused on our students and what each one of them needs to reach success both in school and in life.

I can’t wait to “Learn What’s Next” tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’m going to be collaborating and creating with like-minded, highly motivated, forward-thinking, enthusiastic and creative educators who are excited to build experiences and lessons for our diverse learners so all of our students find success in their future and joy in learning.


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