Digital Images Form A More Perfect Lesson on The Preamble

Did you realize The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution is one long sentence?  And with its high-level vocabulary, it can be overwhelming for students to interpret and understand.

Unless you use a little teacher strategy, some teamwork and a dash of digital technology.

Break classrooms into smaller groups and give each group a phrase from The Preamble (“We the People,” or “establish justice” or “ensure domestic tranquility”).  Challenge each small group to create a tableau to illustrate that phrase and then to digitally photograph or film it.

You could print out the pictures and create a wall display which students would enjoy looking at while making connections and learning content.  You could put the photos in a PowerPoint presentation and on each image, type in the phrase it illustrates.  You could create a digital eBook (using Apple’s  iBooks Author or any number of apps — more on those in a later blog) for students to download and read.

Now you’ve engaged your students in their own learning by allowing them to have fun with technology while problem-solving how to accurately illustrate their phrase.  When they see a picture illustrating “We the People” featuring their faces, they will understand that they are a part of the history they are studying.  The Preamble may have been written more than 230 years ago, but your students will see they are a vital part of our country.


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