Micosoft Hack The Classroom 2017: Showcase Empowers The Room Nine Kids!

  • By Tammy Dunbar
  • 9 November, 2017
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Being showcased on Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom event this past October was an incredible experience not just for me, but, more importantly, for my Room Nine Kids at Lincoln Elementary.

“My favorite part was being interviewed on film. That made me feel amazing!” – Dominick

Microsoft sent a film crew to our classroom for three days in late September to capture how we “cultivate creativity and curiosity.” Having them in the room and on the playground was such a great learning experience for my students. They learned how to set up shots, frame an image, and the importance of the angle of the camera, shooting up or down or face on. They asked so many great questions. They asked about the film crew’s college experience and their career journeys. They asked how the equipment worked. And the crew generously shared their knowledge, enthusiasm and caring with every student who asked.

Then we got the word that our film would premiere at Hack the Classroom. I was asked to be at the event live so I could share a little bit about my favorite classroom tech tools and talk about my students. Humbled and honored, I went to Redmond, Washington, to talk about how my students and I strive to cover core subjects in unique and engaging ways. This includes project-based learning, Genius Hour, collaborative global projects, and much more.

When The Room Nine Kids saw themselves on Hack the Classroom – which was watched tens thousands of educators around the world (50,000 views on Facebook alone) – they were at first very quiet and almost awestruck. Now they are empowered. They have started working on anti-bullying and recycling projects, on a Climate Action Plan with more than 100 schools around the world, and we’ve even started something entirely new. We have a “Mirror School” in Sweden with whom we are reading novels and sharing our impressions online via Sway and Skype.

The Room Nine Kids have learned not only how to hack the classroom, but how to hack life and make a better future.

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