TGIC Hacked the Classroom & Globally Collaborated at ETC! 2018

What a GREAT time we had at ETC! 2018! We shared (much more than) 10 Ways to Hack Your Classroom & Boost Your EdTech, and then we moved to Building Empathy by Collaborating & Communicating Globally! My humble thanks for joining one or both of my sessions! As promised, here are the links to two PDFs, one for each session. In addition, I’m adding some other links we talked about I think you may find useful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at to ask any question or initiate any collaborations! What MORE could our students learn if we taught FEARLESSLY?

ETC! 2018 – Hack The Classroom:!AgQxnE4u-Py0gpJszQpXLIqWu12Q1w

ETC! 2018 – Building Empathy Through Global Collaboration & Communication:!AgQxnE4u-Py0gpJrMPAHqI9xUiSk4w

Cultivate World Literacy:

Human Differences:

Gerry Brooks YouTube Channel:


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