Office 365 Rock Star Session at #CUE18

Thank you so much for joining us at our Microsoft Office 365 Rock Star session at #CUE 18! Office 365 is powerful regardless of the platform, and MicrosoftEDU is constantly updating these apps, so remember first of all to update as often as possible!

First, we covered the new features in PowerPoint that can make your into lessons more engaging like the Morph transition, screen recording, slide recording and even saving a PPT as an MP4! And as an added bonus, we talked about create movies in the new Photos!

Then we discovered the amazing power of OneNote Class Notebook with its Learning Tools and ability to import so much rich content! We talked about the shortcuts to finding student work, embedding content from YouTube, Sway and Forms as well as digital inking! And many of you loved Office Lens! What can’t OneNote do?

Finally, it was time for the Iron Chef Sway Challenge! Kudos to all groups who prepared amazing presentations on Disneyland in just 30 minutes! And thanks to all for being such good sports about actually getting up and sharing your creations! We learned a lot from each other!

Lastly, we covered Forms and how easy it is to create, share and embed in a wide variety of platforms! Plus, getting the data from Forms is as easy as click on the Excel icon!

As promised, here is a PDF of my PowerPoint slide deck for your future use – feel free to use anything you like! (Just click on the title below to get the PDF!)


If you need to contact Andrew or me, please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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