Nearpod puts your presentations into your students’ hands

It’s often true that students have more technology in their backpacks than a teacher has in the classroom.

Nearpod provides a great app to harness your students’ technology or use a class set of iPads to deliver content in an exciting, engaging and interactive way.

First, you download the free Nearpod Teacher App on your iPad.  Once you’ve registered, watch the handy “Getting Started” presentation to get comfortable creating presentations with Nearpod.  Then, take a look in the store to see the free presentations available for use and to get ideas of how you can create your own content.  If you decide to do-it-yourself, images, video, responses and more may be added to increase student engagment.

Once you’ve got a presentation you want to share with the class, have students download the free Nearpod Student App from the iTunes store (with parent permission, of course) or get it loaded on the student iPads ahead of time.  Give them the presentation’s PIN to input on their student app.  Once in the app, students enter their first and last names, which will appear on the teacher app’s screen.

When all students are logged in, you are at the controls of your presentation: as you move from slide to slide, what appears on your screen appears on their screens.   The teacher controls the action while classroom activity and student responses can be monitored via the teacher app.

Tip: If you have two classroom iPads, you can wirelessly show a Nearpod app.  Download the Nearpod teacher app on one iPad, and the Nearpod student app on the other.  Start the teacher app and open the presentation you want to show your whole class.  Then hook the iPad with the student app up to your projector (using the dongle) and enter the PIN of the presentation on your teacher app.  Now you can share your presentation with your class without being tied to your projector, as you use the iPad with the Teacher app to manipulate the presentation. 



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