Translate and Communicate with Vocre

If you want to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, you need Vocre.

Vocre is an amazing FREE app (for iPhone or iPad) that offers 23 different languages from which to choose.

Here’s how it works:  my student who has just arrived here from Mexico wants to ask me a question, but he doesn’t know how to ask in English.  I open the Vocre app and set it up (see right) for  those two languages (you can even choose if it uses a male or female voice).  Then I record what I want to say on the English side.  Vocre turns my speech to text so I can proofread it before I hit the “translate” button.  When I hit that button, my sentences are turned  into Spanish text and the app says the words in Spanish, so my student can both see and hear the words.  He records his answer on the Spanish side of the app, proofreads what he’s written, and then hits “translate” so I can see and hear what his reply is in English.

It’s been extremely useful for our school’s office staff as well when parents who don’t speak English come in to ask questions.  Before Vocre, if there were no ELL staff available, the parent could not be helped.  Now, with Vocre, our office staff can answer questions and give all parents the support and assistance they deserve.

Vocre is also open to adding languages and invites users to suggest additional languages to add.  

Languages offered now are:

  • Chinese Cantonese – Hong Kong     
  • Chinese Mandarin – China
  • Chinese Taiwanese – Taiwan
  • Danish – Denmark
  • Dutch – Netherlands
  • English – Australian
  • English – United Kingdom
  • English – United States
  • French – Canada
  • French – France
  • German – Germany
  • Italian – Italy
  • Japanese – Japan
  • Korean – Korea
  • Norwegian Nynorsk – Norway
  • Polish – Poland
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Portuguese – Portugal
  • Russian – Russia
  • Spanish – Mexico
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Spanish – United States
  • Swedish – Sweden

Vocre will help you parle français, habla español or talar svenska to help you communicate better.

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