BBC Bitesize Provides Big Flavorful Activities!

If you’re looking for a great online site to send students to for extra help or if you’d just like an engaging “into” for a lesson, look no further than the BBC’s Bitesize website!

The website offers skill-appropriate  interactive lessons, activities and quizzes for English, Science and “Maths.”  Don’t be fooled by the cute graphics on the home page; these are engaging, instructive and useful!

The only obstacle is understanding the way the British organize their grade levels.  KS1 is for students ages 5-7 who are just starting out in school in Primary grades (1-3).  KS2 works for students from ages 7-11 (grades 3-5).  KS3 should be appropriate for students ages 11-14, basically Middle School.  For high school students, look at the lessons for GCSE, KS4 or A-Levels.

The best advice for using this website is to look through the various levels and lessons and find the one that’s right for your class.

If your class needs to work on multiplication, for example, there is a plethora of practice for them!  Talking about magnets?  Use a BBC Bitesize Science Magnet game to introduce students to attraction.  Want to teach students dictionary skills?  Do it with an interactive game.

I like to create hotlinks on my classroom webpage for students to click on and go to the BBC Bitesize page I want them to work on.  When they get to the final screen on their laptops, they must raise a quiet hand so I can come over and check off that they’ve completed the assignment.  The hotlinks also give students an opportunity to go on BBC Bitesize from home and practice specific skills that need additional work.

A final note: be certain to check all the way through an activity before using it.  Especially if it’s spelling.  The British spell “flavour” much differently than we do!

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