Triple Entendre Teaches Search Skills


It’s amazing how hard students will work to find an answer when it comes to achieving another level in game play.  If your students need to work on internet search skills, here’s a game that will keep them playing until they find the right answer (which means they’ll be practicing skills without knowing it).

Triple Entendre (Moron version) presents clever clues, cryptic images and trick questions for your students to solve.  And how do they solve these puzzlers?  By using the handy Google and Wikipedia search engine featured on the right-hand side of the apps split-screen.  Students hone their research skills and learn some interesting historical, scientific and fun trivia along the way!

Also available in the iTunes store: Triple Entendre Original version (with a free LITE version available so you can check it out first), Triple Entendre 80s Movies version, Triple Entendre Shakespeare and Triple Entendre Sports Nicknames version.  All paid games are 99 cents (except for the new non-commercial version of the Original, which is selling for $1.99).


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