Using Animoto to Teach Standards to Multiple Intelligences

For years, my students have made posters for each step of The Scientific Method (CDE Grade 5: Investigation & Experimentation 6).  These posters stay up on our wall all year long so we can refer back to them during future experiments.

But as Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences tells us, there are multiple ways in which each student learns.  Those posters are always wonderful, but reading and writing are just two ways students learn.

In order to deliver the same content in other ways, we use my FREE education account at  Working together, we created a video (which also provides access for spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical and interpersonal learners) which reteaches the steps while aligning them with what we’ve done in class.  Students may go on my account to download the video and will also get a copy of it on a DVD I burn at the end of the year for all students.

Animoto could also be used to teach other core content standards just as easily: parts of speech, genres of writing, steps in adding fractions and mixed numbers, etc.  When a teacher applies for a FREE account, a student log-in code is also supplied so that your students can create their own Animotos to share with the class.

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