Glogster.EDU Interactive Posters Showcase Reading Comprehension Skills

With Common Core Standards fast approacing, students will be asked more and more to write out responses rather than simply answer multiple-choice questions.  While this is excellent for higher-level thinking, using only pencil and paper may not always be as engaging as we would like.

However, with the digital, multi-media posters you can create with, students will reflect even more on what they’ve read because there are so many ways to display responses to literature.

For the last two years, I have used student accounts to differentiate instruction for my G.A.T.E., students.  Using my educator log-in code for students, they have created multi-media posters of favorite books using music, video, images, text and type as well as some fun animated elements unique to Glogster.  Right now, teachers can get 10 students accounts for FREE, and if you decide you’d like a class set of accounts, it’s only $29.95 for the entire year.

With Common Core Standards just around the corner, I’m going to try using for my whole class this year for book reports.

One note: some districts block Glogster because its commercial site ( is considered a social networking site.  However, the site is NOT, so if it’s blocked for you because your I.T. people don’t know the difference, just put in a request explaining it to them.  You’ll find it will be worth the effort.

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