Read or Listen to Classic Novels Free with Project Gutenberg eBooks

Project Gutenberg has created electronic versions of classic literature since 1971 with its first project: a digitization of the United States Declaration of Independence.

With more than 40,000 books, most in the public domain, Project Gutenberg allows books to be read online or downloaded in eBook form.  Have you always wanted to read Moby Dick, but never got the chance?  Are your students studying Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (mine will be in December) and want to read it at home?  Perhaps studying Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War will give students a better understanding of battle tactics.  Whatever classic piece of literature you’d like to use in your class, it’s probably on Project Gutenberg.

And getting it is simple:

  • Go to the Project Gutenberg website.
  • Search for a book (type the title in “Search Book Catalog”)
  • Choose the format of the book you’d like (audio, eBook, online)
  • Click on the file, download the book and start reading
Note: There is also a Free Books app available on iTunes which features 23,469 books, if you prefer using an app.


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