Using Technology to Create & Share Test-Taking Tips

Throughout their entire school career (and even beyond), our students will face testing.  And regardless of the format (high school exit exam, department of motor vehicles license test, civil servants examination, etc.), there are common tips and tricks that can help anyone do their best on any test.

Our Intermediate grade level team spent part of a recent pull-out day creating and discovering sources to motivate and inspire our students to increase their testing scores.  Simple and quick tips & tricks can be conveyed so much better using a multimedia presentation app or software like Powerpoint, Keynote, Haiku Deck, Animoto, Prezi, etc.


More PowerPoint presentations from Tammy


There are many such resources on the internet, and if you don’t have time to tailor one for your students’ needs, all it takes to find them is a simple Google search.   From, we discovered a great series of tips for taking Math tests created by the teachers at the Jonas Salk High-Tech Academy Middle School in Sacramento.

My class creates an iMovie every year to motivate our students to try their hardest on the STAR test.  Even though it takes us a while to write, film, edit and produce it, it’s worth the effort when we show it at our kick-off rally!  Use technology to impart those all-important tips & tricks that will make test-taking less stressful and more successful.

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