Add some Flash to your PowerPoint!

When your presentations need to be great, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Recently, I was asked to put together a presentation that incorporated PowerPoint, Animoto and Prezi. I didn’t want to depend on the wireless connection — because it always seems to give out right when you need it — and I didn’t want to go from website to website, clicking off and on and off and on.

For a smoother presentation, I was determined to put all the files everyone wanted to present into one PowerPoint. That way, the presentation would be smooth and wouldn’t have to depend on the wireless to get Animoto or Prezi. It is common knowledge that a Prezi presentation is particularly effective as a consequence of its dynamic and engaging qualities.

Downloading the Animoto as an Mp4 and inserting it into the PowerPoint was easy (I even upgraded to HD for $5 which gave me much better quality). But once I downloaded the Prezi for offline viewing, I was stuck with how to insert it into my PowerPoint.

After several tries, I turned to a Google search and found SlideDynamic. With their free two-week trial (just click “download” to get it), I installed the lite version of their PowerPoint Add-In, which appears as a new tab in PowerPoint (see image, above left). This new tab gave me options for embedding both online and offline Prezi into PowerPoint as well as embedding Flash files, PDFs, live Webpages and Vimeo videos. After trying it out with my presentation — and finding that it worked quite well — I purchased the full version.

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