Videos (Homemade & on the Web) Make Science Engaging & Memorable!

When we adopted our Science curriculum more than eight years ago, we also received materials for a few experiments.  The textbooks and workbooks were nice, but my students really loved doing experiments.  However, with no sink or water in my room, we were limited to what we could do in class.

We were also limited with internet options in our classroom.  So, I started making my own videos (with my daughter & son) so my students could experience the experiments I could not do in class.  There was no fancy iMovie editing available to us at the time (the credits in the video below were recently added) — we did long shots, paused the recording, set up the next scene and hit “record” again.  Regardless, my students really loved the video experiments and how they set us up for the ones we could do in class.

Now all those materials we once had have been used up.  However, with the ability to access streaming video content wirelessly in our classrooms, we are supplementing our old video experiements with new content from Steve Spangler Science.   He’s also got a cool website with free videos as well as materials and eBooks for purchase, so if you save up those BoxTops for Education or have a kind PTA/PTC, you can get a little funding to get some science materials back in your classroom. 


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