Holiday Help in the Classroom

Bring some Holiday realia into the classroom with technology!

* The Holiday Time Machine app is $0.99 in the App Store.  It’s like a way-back machine that aggregates Holiday videos from the late 1800s to 2012.  You can randomly go through them, or go methodically year-by-year.  We had been discussing the evolution of sound reproduction in our Language Arts curriculum, so we extended it by looking at an evolution of moving pictures, including animation that used to be drawn by hand!

* Holiday Times Tables is a fun website for students at almost any level to practice their multiplication facts while creating a beautiful holiday landscape.  Once students get the requisite number of questions correct, they get to decorate their own Holiday house.  One given in mathematics is that students will always need to know their times tables, and any extra practice is good!

* It’s a perfect time of year to teach a little Dickens.  If you enjoy sharing “A Christmas Carol” with your class, check out the wealth of information at David Perdue’s Charles Dickens website, an interactive online quiz, a fun trivia quiz,  a Big Fish game which retells the story inbetween levels, and even the complete book is available at

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