TED Talks are inspirational, educational and free!


TED stands for “technology, entertainment and design,” and the TED talks started in 1984 as a one-time event.  Since 1990, the annual TED talks have been an amazing array of talented, inspirational and educational people sharing their ideas and talents with the world.  There are more than 1,000 TED talks available online for FREE, and there is a TED iPad app which accesses the same content.  Since November of 2012, TED talks have been watched one billion times worldwide.

To start, I recommend Sir Ken Robinson (pictured left).  An English author and favorite TED speaker, Sir Ken talks about how new technologies will provide opportunities to revolutionize education “when combined with the extraordinary talents of teachers.”  Both his 2006 (“Schools Kill Creativity”) and 2010 (“Bring on the Learning Revolution”) talks are perfect to start your TED experience, especially since his 2006 talk has gotten more than 14 million hits world wide.  With each “talk” lasting about 15-20 minutes, you can take a quick moment to let TED (and Sir Ken) inspire you today!


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