Every Test is a Reading Test!

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Every test is a reading test.

Having a strong and diverse vocabulary is the key to doing well on any kind of testing.  If you know what is being asked, it’s much easier to answer the question.

Help prepare your students for classroom, district or state standardized testing by reviewing key vocabulary several weeks before testing.  We give students a fresh journal/composition book and have them write down each word and definition so they have a handy study guide for Language Arts and Math when we are done.  It’s a nice way to review vocabulary and concepts, plus it models the importance of taking and having good notes from which to study.

The above example is for Fifth grade (and I have a Language Arts version — please email if you’d like a copy), but it would be easy to create a presentation for any grade level.  Once it’s created (in PowerPoint, Haiku Deck, Keynote, etc.), you can easily reuse it every year, making adjustments & additions as you see fit. 


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