Use Online Released Questions to Create Effective Study Aids

Most state departments of education (like the California Department of Education) release a handful of questions from previous standardized tests online.  Take advantage of this by downloading them (or accessing them online) and having your students practice with them. 

Here is an example of a Fifth grade review presentation, featuring test-taking tips and released questions.  I took a screen-snap of the questions and inserted those images into this PowerPoint presentation (though it could just as easily be inserted into a Keynote, Haiku Deck, or your favorite presentation software/app).  You could also download the pdfs available (see the CDE link above).

Project the presentation on a screen and invite students to write down their answers — on a sheet of paper, on a white board or on an iPad.  Have them “chin it to win it” (hold up their answers under their chins when you say so) so you have a handy way to check for understanding immediately.  It’s a great way to prepare students for upcoming testing while assessing what they know and what you need to reteach.


More PowerPoint presentations from Tammy


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