Access Author Websites for Awesome Interactions with Literature!

My husband and I read to our two children every night until they were almost out of high school.  There is nothing quite like reading out loud to a child.  You can model how to read out loud, how to interpret characters, how to create memorable voices, how to predict/summarize, how to reread if you don’t understand something, and how to fall in love with reading.

It’s a practice I enjoy continuing in my classroom.  But there’s no technology involved, right?

There doesn’t have to be, of course.  But technology can be used to simply read a book or thoroughly enhance the experience.

Occasionally, I like hooking my iPad up to the projector and using my Kindle app (Nook or iBooks works also) to read a story out loud to my students.  That way, they can follow along with the reading and enjoy any illustrations along the way.  I invite one student to be my “page turner,” which is always a coveted spot.

When we’re done with a book, I enjoy showing the movie made from the book (if one exists) so students can compare and contrast the book and the movie, judging whether or not the changes made were effective.  However, what I really like doing is going to author websites to find out more, ask questions and extend the learning experience and enjoyment of the book.  Some authors feature quizzes to check for understanding and comprehension (Shel Silverstein has some great games based on his poetry), others showcase videos which give step-by-step instructions on how to draw a character (Thank you, Jeff Kinney!), and some offer downloads that are attractive to anyone who has read the book.

There is a wealth of websites for authors, so don’t hesitate to “Google” it.  But here are some great author websites to try AFTER reading the book! 

Where the Sidewalk Ends (or any book) by Shel Silverstein

Matilda (or any book) by Roald Dahl

Flat Stanley (or any book) by Jeff Brown

A Series of Unfortunate Events (or any book) by Lemony Snicket

Coraline (or any book) by Neil Gaiman

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (or any book) by Jeff Kinney



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