Powerful Presentations with Prezi

PreziOur student laptops don’t allow us to save PowerPoint files directly on the laptop.  While we have memory sticks to solve this dilemna, we sometimes use an online presentation site which is not only easy to use, but allows us to create amazing presentations.

Prezi is a virtual whiteboard in which to place content (text, pictures, video, links, etc.).  Content is simple to add using the insert icon above the workspace, and there are many ready-made templates to get you started quickly (click on the template icon above the workspace).  Once you have placed all your content, you draw a path from each element you want to highlight in your presentation, in the order you want to highlight them.   Prezi then creates a presentation following the path you drew (see left-hand column, above).  It’s easy to reorganize or change content if you aren’t happy with the final product.

Best of all, Prezi accounts are free, give you 100MB cloud storage, and can be accessed either on the internet or through their free iPad app.

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