Save Bookmarks Online & Make Them Searchable with Historious

With four exabytes of new information generated in 2012 alone, the internet offers an amazing amount of ideas and inspiration for educators.

However, when it comes to finding that site that had a great idea for that thing we wanted to do with our students, it’s difficult to plow through all your search engine’s bookmarks.  And if you want to find that one thing you read about using an Edmodo Scavenger Hunt, you may be able to find the site, but not the one thing you read.

Enter Historious.

Historious is an online bookmark organizer that works like most available (and there are a lot out there).  You install a free “historify!” widget on your search engine’s tool bar and click it when you’re on a site you want to remember.  Historious keeps all your bookmarks in your Historious account, so that you can access them whenever or from wherever you need them.  Historious also allows you to tag your bookmarks online, so you can organize them in any way you like.

Historious is free (for the first 300 bookmarks), but what’s really cool about it is you have the ability to search through only those websites you’ve bookmarked.  If you “historified” a website featuring an Edmodo Scavenger Hunt, just use the handy search engine (which looks a little Googly) to find it.  Historious will only search your websites, which makes the searching faster and easier.

For a small fee ($19.95 a year), you can have unlimited bookmark capability and also the option to tag your bookmarks when you bookmark them, making your future searches easy.




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