Grant Links for 2014 CTA North Attendees

As I mentioned this past weekend at the 2014 CTA Good Teaching Conference North, when you’re a teacher who needs technology, but there are no school funds available, it’s time to go searching for other opportunities.


Take the time to register and then look closely through the grant and competition listing on GetEdFunding, a grant-finding resource underwritten by CDW-G.  As the site proclaims: “You can search by six criteria, including 45 areas of focus, nine content areas and any of the 21st century themes and skills that support your curriculum.”  You can also download a great pdf of CDW-G’s “Fall 2013 Big Deal Book of Technology” HERE (look on right-hand side of the page).  Take a look at some of the opportunities available on that page as well!

The first step is finding the available grants for which you and your school qualify.

  • Search resources as much as possible to find available grants.
  • Make a list of all grants you qualify for and would like to try for.
  • Organize your list by the grant deadlines, with the ones due first on top.
  • Include additional information like website addresses.

Once you have an organized list of grants you’d like to try for, THEN the work of writing begins.  More on that later!

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