Special Education: Finding Technologies to Help Deliver Lessons

Though I am a general education teacher, I am proud to have had students from our SDC classes mainstream into my classroom every year.  And each student – whether general ed or SDC – needs to have instruction delivered in the most accessible way possible.  Many times, using technology to deliver the lesson is the answer.

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First, check out this short article from the University of North Carolina School of Education.  It’s one in a series of articles focuses on Special Education.

UNC School of Education: How Do Special Education Students Benefit from Technology?

(Photo, left: Students using an iPad to access dictionary.com in order to help them look up, define and understand difficult vocabulary in their Language Arts Anthology.)


Then check out this list of great resources to help you start looking for the perfect Special Education apps.  I tried to use a variety of resources to show that you can find inspiration almost anywhere!

THE Journal: Top Ten Apps for Special Education

Accessibility Features on a Mac

Accessibility Features on Windows

Edudemic: 200 Best Special Education Apps

CommonSenseMedia: Power Up! Apps for Kids with Special Needs and Learning Differences

Pinterest: Android Apps for Special Education

TeachHub: iPads in the Classroom: Five Awesome Apps for Students with Special Needs

ScoopIt! Eleven Useful Android Apps for Special Education

Apple iTunes: Special Education Apps

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