Dunbar was Common Core Chic at the 2015 CTA Good Teaching Conference!


What an honor to be invited back to the California Teachers Association’s Good Teaching Conference in 2015! And what an amazing turnout! We had almost 80 attendees in the room – which caused the organizers to put the sign up on my door that read, “This Session is FULL.”

Thank you for joining the journey through a wealth of websites and plethora of platforms to help you inject some technology into your classrooms! PLEASE REMEMBER to use your CTAGO! app to submit a survey of my session so I can continue to make it better Thank you in advance! (You can get it on iTunes here or on Android here.)TGICRoomIsFull

As promised, here is the pdf of my presentation. If there is anything missing, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email tdunbar@musd.net or using the info on the cards I handed out.

Remember: Technology is just a tool – it doesn’t teach. Teachers teach!

Let’s go work miracles!

Teacher Geek is Common Core Chic PPT!





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