Use Google Voice to Keep the Lines of Communication Open with Your Students’ Families

It really does take a village to raise a child.  And home/school communications are a big part of helping keep students on track.  We’ve all got email addresses and school … Continue Reading →

Subscribe to Tech & Learning and You May Win a New iPad!

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Scientific Measurements Just Got Easier (and More Affordable) with Multi-Measures

  Looking for a way to measure classroom noise levels?  Perhaps you want to find a flat surface for your students to perform an experiment?  Maybe you want to see … Continue Reading →

BBC Bitesize Provides Big Flavorful Activities!

If you’re looking for a great online site to send students to for extra help or if you’d just like an engaging “into” for a lesson, look no further than … Continue Reading →

Use Photos & Videos of Familiar Faces to Spice Up Presentations

Keeping presentations lively and interesting means occasionally inserting the unexpected. I like to add pictures of my students or myself into classroom multimedia presentations at key moments.  If we’re talking … Continue Reading →

Translate and Communicate with Vocre

If you want to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, you need Vocre. Vocre is an amazing FREE app (for iPhone or iPad) that offers 23 different languages … Continue Reading →

Nearpod puts your presentations into your students’ hands

It’s often true that students have more technology in their backpacks than a teacher has in the classroom. Nearpod provides a great app to harness your students’ technology or use a … Continue Reading →

Digital Images Form A More Perfect Lesson on The Preamble

Did you realize The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution is one long sentence?  And with its high-level vocabulary, it can be overwhelming for students to interpret and understand. Unless you use a little … Continue Reading →

Prepping with PowerPoint means Smoother Direct Instruction

In the old days — aka B.T., before technology — we had to read ahead in every Teacher’s Edition textbook so if the lesson called for a sentence or definition to … Continue Reading →

Stack the States: More than just Social Studies standards

How do you get students excited about using that ancient reference material known as an atlas? Stack the States (iTunes $0.99) is an exciting, interactive app that asks students to … Continue Reading →