Last Minute Halloween iPad2 Costume!

Happy Halloween!  If you’ve got two iPad2s (or iPad2s) and a little imagination, you can recreate this ingenious costume designed by Mark Rober, a mechanical engineer for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  … Continue Reading →

Using Technology to Create & Share Test-Taking Tips

Throughout their entire school career (and even beyond), our students will face testing.  And regardless of the format (high school exit exam, department of motor vehicles license test, civil servants … Continue Reading →

Local Newspapers & NIE: Free Digital Current Events

When it’s time to discuss Sequence of Events in my class, we always look at our local newspaper. What better place than in the Comics pages to find the familiar … Continue Reading →

Read or Listen to Classic Novels Free with Project Gutenberg eBooks

Project Gutenberg has created electronic versions of classic literature since 1971 with its first project: a digitization of the United States Declaration of Independence. With more than 40,000 books, most … Continue Reading →

Glogster.EDU Interactive Posters Showcase Reading Comprehension Skills

With Common Core Standards fast approacing, students will be asked more and more to write out responses rather than simply answer multiple-choice questions.  While this is excellent for higher-level thinking, … Continue Reading →

CTA Goes Digital & Mobile

      Don’t forget  to exercise your Constitutional Right to Vote Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The California Teachers Association has gone both digital and mobile this election season with … Continue Reading →

Using Animoto to Teach Standards to Multiple Intelligences

For years, my students have made posters for each step of The Scientific Method (CDE Grade 5: Investigation & Experimentation 6).  These posters stay up on our wall all year … Continue Reading →

BYOD: Starting to Integrate Personal Devices into the Classroom

Even though most students have more technology in their pockets than we teachers do in our whole classrooms, it’s still a little scary to think of giving our students permission … Continue Reading →

Keep Presentations Simple with Haiku Deck

Make presentations                                                         … Continue Reading →

Better Classroom Management Digitally

You can’t digitize all your classroom management techniques.  But using technology in the morning puts students right to work from the moment they step into the classroom. Harry Wong, whose First Days of School … Continue Reading →