Technology + Assemblies = Engaged & Excited Students

Like most schools participating in this week’s National Anti-Bullying Campaign, ours had dress-up days, pledges and posters. We also had an assembly for each grade level, for which we were … Continue Reading →

Finding Funds for Classroom Technology

When you’re a teacher who needs technology, but there are no school funds available, it’s time to go searching for other opportunities. Take the time to register and then look … Continue Reading →

eInstruction Classroom Makeover Contest Part II: How Does Winning Affect Your Class?

As the 2010 K-5 winner of the eInstruction $75,000 Global Classroom Makeover Music Video Contest, we’ve had a lot of people from our area ask us how things look in our … Continue Reading →

authorSTREAM showcases a wealth of classroom PPT resources

Introductions are important.  They invite us to activate any prior knowledge while getting to know a new topic in class. And if you’re looking for a snappy, punchy PowerPoint to … Continue Reading →

TeamViewer: Use Your Tech to Help Your Family, too!

Educational Technology is meant for the classroom, but sometimes it can also be great for home use. TeamViewer is a prime example. Some software vendors have used TeamViewer for troubleshooting. … Continue Reading →

Use Wordle to Expand Vocabulary and Improve Test Scores

As I tell my students, “Every test is a reading test.”  On any standardized test, it all comes down to knowing the vocabulary.  If you don’t understand what’s being asked of … Continue Reading →

eInstruction Classroom Makeover Music Video Contest: Make It A Whole Class Experience

Sometimes, you can’t afford to purchase the technology you’d like to have in your classroom.  And sometimes, you can’t afford to miss an opportunity to win such technology. It’s time … Continue Reading →