Can You Use It? Knowing Copyright & Fair Use Rules.

Part of being a good Digital Citizen is not taking credit for work you didn’t do and giving others credit for the work they have done.  We do this by … Continue Reading →

Is It Real or Is It Photoshopped?

We’ve all had to remind students that, “Just because you see it on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s real or true.” How often to students see images that aren’t real … Continue Reading →

Check a website’s trustworthiness by DIALing it in!

This is another “Digital Citizenship” video I created for our district’s “Embrace the Race” series.  It would work well as an “into” for a conversation with your students about how to … Continue Reading →

What is Digital Citizenship?

My superintendent tasked me with creating videos about digital citizenship in order to prepare both teachers and students for our upcoming 1:1 initiative – “Going Digital 2015.”  His vision – … Continue Reading →

Common Sense Media offers FREE Digital Passport!

If you are looking for a great Digital Citizen component to a Digital Driver’s License, check out Common Sense Media’s FREE Digital Passport website!  I recently taught a two-week Migrant … Continue Reading →