Gamification & Beyond: Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances!

If we are truly committed to bringing gamification into our classrooms, let’s take chances. Let’s make mistakes. Let’s get messy If we want our students to become problem-solvers, we need … Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning with Microsoft: Introducing the Lesson!

Why do the best ideas seem to come to us right before school starts in the morning? While putting the finishing touches on my hair for the day, I suddenly … Continue Reading →

Let’s Resolve to Make Mistakes!

Too often our New Year’s Resolutions involve perfection: we want to look better, weigh less, and have whiter teeth (but not whiter hair). We want our students to score higher … Continue Reading →

Have You Tried App-Smashing?

The choice was easy: either take a bucket of cold water to the head (for which I would definitely be holding my breath) or create a video response that might … Continue Reading →

Use Online Released Questions to Create Effective Study Aids

Most state departments of education (like the California Department of Education) release a handful of questions from previous standardized tests online.  Take advantage of this by downloading them (or accessing them … Continue Reading →

Every Test is a Reading Test!

STAR Math Vocabulary 5th Grad… More PowerPoint presentations from Tammy   Every test is a reading test. Having a strong and diverse vocabulary is the key to doing well on … Continue Reading →

Put Your Class in Jeopardy!

Answer: This television quiz show has been number one in the United States and its school classrooms for more than 45 years. Question:  What is Jeopardy? One of the most engaging review methods is the … Continue Reading →

Add some Flash to your PowerPoint!

When your presentations need to be great, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Recently, I was asked to put together a presentation that incorporated PowerPoint, Animoto and Prezi. … Continue Reading →

Using Technology to Create & Share Test-Taking Tips

Throughout their entire school career (and even beyond), our students will face testing.  And regardless of the format (high school exit exam, department of motor vehicles license test, civil servants … Continue Reading →

Better Classroom Management Digitally

You can’t digitize all your classroom management techniques.  But using technology in the morning puts students right to work from the moment they step into the classroom. Harry Wong, whose First Days of School … Continue Reading →