Conference Resources & Links for Teacher Geek is Chic!


Resources from Teacher Geek is Chic past years conference appearances!

Here is a PDF from my Building Empathy through Global Communication
& Collaboration session at ISTE 2018! Dunbar_ISTE18_Empathy

Here is a PDF from my Hack the Classroom session at CUE 2018! CUE2018_RockStarSessionAndrewAndTammy

Here is the link to my entire Hack the Classroom Fall 2017 appearance in the Microsoft studios.

Here is the link to the movie Microsoft made about The Room Nine Kids and me.

Here are the PDFs from my MUSD EdCon 2017 sessions: MUSDEdCon_TenHacksForTheClassroom MUSDEdCon_GlobalCommunicationCollaborationSkype

Here are the PDFs from my two sessions at Alan November’s Building Learning Communities Conference 2017 in Boston: BLCLiberatingGeniusInAction2017 BLC17_GlobalCommunicationCollaborationSkype

Here is my SJCOE Tech Summit 2017 Teacher Geek is Chic: Liberating Genius in Action! presentation in PDF Format: LiberatingGeniusInAction2017SJCOE

Here is my ETC! 2017 Uncommon Creativity presentation in PDF Format: Uncommon Creativity TGIC ETC!

Here is the Order of Operations worksheet: PEMDAS problems for lost dog

Here is the Lost Dog flyer: Lost Dog poster



Here is my CTA 2017 presentation on Uncommon Creativity in PDF Format:  Uncommon Creativity TGIC PDF

Here is my CTA Bonus Session: Liberating Genius presentation in PDF Format: LiberatingGeniusInAction2017PDF

Link to Resume of Presentations, Conferences, Awards, etc.

Link to Resources Link from CapCUE Presentation 2013

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